Trying to move to Windows 10

Hello, I just bought a new computer (for gaming), and it came with this OS.
I can't download it from anywhere.


Buy a Windows 10 Disk or USB stick, and install it. In a search engine, type "buy Windows 10" and it'll link you where to get it. Windows is not a free OS.

If you require assistance, please ask on a Windows forum as we do not provide Windows support here.


Moving to #other-os

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So let me get this straight... You bought a computer that came pre-installed with Manjaro and you want to convert it into a Microsoft Windows machine ─ is that correct?

If so, then you are going to have to buy a Microsoft Windows license. Microsoft Windows is a proprietary and commercial-only operating system, and is in no way, shape or form related to Manjaro, which is a distribution of the GNU/Linux operating system.


While people have graciously provided some links and information..
How to obtain or use proprietary system products are questions for the vendor.

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