Trying to install private internet access vpn

Trying to install PIA from the package manager, but keep getting:

ERROR: Failure while creating working copy of python-pia git repo
Failed to build private-internet-access-vpn

Reddit to add. its private-internet-access-vpn 3.4-2 in the pacman.

Please specify exactly what package. Either way, all piavpn-bin or pia-tools or pia-launch or pia-manager are all AUR packages, moved to #support:aur

private-internet-access-vpn 3.4-2

See this comment to fix that error AUR (en) - private-internet-access-vpn and proceed accordingly.

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Ummm. so I don’t seem to have a .cache folder in my home directory…so I’m failing at step one.

  1. $HOME/.cache/yay/private-internet-access-vpn

Maybe is in /tmp


Sorry really new to this, day 2 of linux.

Ok, then you did not change anything to pamac options, so maybe then look into

Is there something specific I should change to make life easier in the future?

And how do I do step 6

  1. In the package cache directory build the package using the commandmakepkg -si

You open Terminal in that directory and run that command …

I have the same problem as our OP, installing private-internet-access-vpn 3.4-2. This appears to have existed since at least January '21.

The error is said to be in /var/tmp/pamac-build-‘YourName’/private-internet-access-vpn/PKGBUILD and can supposedly be fixed by adding the ‘v’ in the line “git+${pkgver}”.

We don’t know if this resolved the issue for the OP, but it does appear to install the program for me.

But now, how do we invoke it? It doesn’t show in the Applications box, except as a mysterious “Run pia” that doesn’t execute.

Entering ‘man pia’ shows that there should be an /etc/private-internet-access/login.conf that doesn’t exist. This should be owned by root with 0600 permissions. Manjaro’s use of directories and ownership frankly confuses me, and I don’t want to do anything more to confuse my system too.

Can this installation issue be cleared up for us all? I use PIA’s VPN with other OSes, and it has a great user interface. Can we have it installed and running on Manjaro as well?

Not used pia for a while but did have it working on manjaro. There’s 3 or 4 pia clients in the aur or there’s the script on pia website. Think I ended up using pia-manager from the aur as I liked the gui