Trying to install Manjaro, and the installation hangs at 90%

Not working. Command „ grub> search.file /etc/manjaro-release root” gives „No such device: etc/manjaro/release”

file is /etc/manjaro-release
not etc/manjaro/release

If you used the correct file and above is a typo, then your OS installation is not complete, not just the bootloader. Reinstall.

If you are certain OS is installed, check with
grub> ls (hdx,y)/boot/
where (hdx,y) is where you installed the OS

Are the kernels vmlinuz-5.4-x86_64 and initramfs-5.4-x86_64.img in it?
Then set root to that partition
grub> set root=(hdx,y)
and continue without that search line.

Thank you! Finally worked for me after architect Cleaner install plus yours tutorial for grub. (Artitect grub failed to install)


This is happening with the xfce 19.0 preview as well. It freezes at 72 percent while creating the user. I've tried it 3 times. I can't use any of the 18.1.5 images because they don't work with the 5600 XT, they refuse to boot (and yes that's even with nomodeset).

I noticed after looking at OPs terminal output as well as mine that this is an issue with Calameres and trying to add additional partitions beyond root and efi. I have multiple partitions with games and my home directory and when I try to add them during the partitioning in calamares, it fails during the install in the exact same spot every time.

However, when I tried again but without adding the additional partitions, it installed in like 3 minutes and everything worked perfectly. So the workaround atm is to only select a boot partition and a root partition (if using EFI) and adding additional partitions manually to the new installation's fstab after installation is finished.

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