Trying to get the Original MYST game running on lutris?

I’m here demo-ing on how to setup up my mother’s older game Myst (The first one), on lutris and I got all the way til it asked where the disk is. Kinda can’t an acutal disk drive attached since the plan is to inevitably attempt to have this on my mother’s SteamDeck.

To bring you up to speed the game is installed, (with the help of fuseiso), on Lutris but it requests disk drive access. I just need that last leg and I (hopefully), am in the clear past here!!

Hi @EpicSkyler,

This is quite probably due to permissions. Best I, and I expect many if not everyone can do, is show you this, and tell you to sick 'em:

(This ought to help you gain a better understanding of what’s necessary to access the “drive”.)

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Awesome! I’ll give this a shot later today or tomorrow.

Idk if its explicitly permissions but I do know for sure that I need a solution that emulates or poses at a cd drive for wine aka lutris can understand and pass through in some fashion.

Unless there’s a no cd patch I havent found for Myst 1 I’ll give this a shot.

It might be as easy as to ad a drive.

Make sure you have myst selected and open Wine configuration and add the path where the disk resides. You can make it a “cd-drive” by pressing the “show advanced” button.

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Yeah you’re right. I just happened to tun into this before checking the setting by pure chance. I should have thought to look there sooner. Now the problem would be a simple script the mount & run game. Its kinda tough to find information to get my knowledge base of making a simple if/else statement going.

Also I love the forum here. Surprisingly fast responses guys. Awesome community so far!! :slight_smile: