Trying to figure out how to Run SlideShow from Multiple Folders?

I have tried using Gwenview, XnView by adding 2 or 3 folders and to run a slide show. However it just runs each slide show by the folder. Is there anyway program or way to set these to run a slideshow from all the folders I add to the current session?

I am coming from MacOS, and still trying to find way around navigating through the softwares. I just can’t find anything in the settings or anything online. I have a few music events I went to this year and have the images saved by events.

I want to put the 3 events together and run a random slideshow of all the images on my vertical monitor. Hell even my horizontal monitor would be fine. Just really don’t know where else to look.

I am currently running Kernel 6.1.35 Plasma 5.27.6 KWin

Maybe symbolically link things to a single folder and select that one for use.

this is more a question about specific applications from kde while manjaro-forum is more focused to questions about the general operating system.
i suggest that requesting at the kde-forum might be helpful because it’s more focused on specific applications and behaviour of kde/plasma

Just FYI, I believe that KDE has shifted from the old forums to the new