Trying to add a sub topic to the main wiki page but not sure how...

Hi folks, I'm trying to add a subtopic page to the main wiki, under System/Misc that I think needs to/should be there. But I'm not sure how to. The instructions under "How to create a new wiki page" don't seem to apply to the wiki itself. Any advice would be appreciated...Thanks!

So you mean here:
Do you have a wiki account ?
What do you think needs to be added ?

Even if accounts are granted, I hope any attempted Wiki changes are held for review and approval these days given what's happened previously on there

No I dont have an account. I don't see where you would add an account. What I think needs to be added is a clear account on how to do full disk encryption on systems with multiple disks. Especially on laptops that often have a small ssd disk for the OS and then a seperate /home disk.

Then you can make a forum wiki post and have it added by someone who has an account.
Accounts are not open - but granted upon request.

Okay, where in the forum should i do that?

please utilise the forum search feature, it likes donkeys too

Just create a new thread .. or you can even edit your title and OP here

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