Trusted icons and choose office application with user created lxqt spin

Hi Hi
I was inspired by the Unofficial LXQT spin. So I thought I would give creating a spin a try. So far I have solved every problem but 2.

  1. Icons on the desktop of the live cd installer are untrusted. I have no idea where the data on trusted launchers are stored and cant seem to find the info with searches.
  2. In an effort to make the iso smaller I would like to add the choice in the installer to chose the office application(s) like the official editions offer. But no search has given this info. I followed the instructions here to get the iso profiles where I think this would be. But I cant seem to locate where this option is.

Thanks in advance for any help or pointing me in the right direction.

I managed to find the location of the data for trusted desktop launchers is located.


I am adding this in case someone in the future is looking for the info.

This part of the pcmanfm settings.

I cannot recall specific location - check




Thanks for the reply. There is a setting in pcmanfm (QuickExec) for letting all executable files on the desktop launch even if they are not trusted. But the untrusted icon is still added to the launchers icon on the desktop.
Libfm has a similar setting (quick_exec) and while I have not tested it, it looks like it will do the same thing.
I just made a iso, booted it, trusted the desktop icons, and added the gvfs-metadata from it to the skel folder of the live environment. That way they are trusted.

Also it looks like I have found the info on the choice of office software, its in the calamares-git package.

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