Troubleshooting VSTs using Wine and Yabridge on Gnome

I’m running two Windows VSTs using Wine-staging 7.15 and Yabridge 4.0.2-1 hosted in Bitwig Studio on Manjaro. The plugins are Arturia Pigments and Novum Granular which both work as expected except for one issue. I cannot access the main menus located in the top left corner of the interface on either device. This means I am unable to access the save/load features. What is strange is if I run Manjaro Gnome from a live USB, the same kernel and the same versions of Wine, Yabridge, Bitwig and the plugins, the menus work. I’m not sure where to start troubleshooting this issue on my installation. Has anyone had similar issues? Can anyone offer any guidance on where to start to identify the issue?

You should check the permissions in your ~/.local/share/yabridge and ~/.wine folders or where you have your soft installed … as i guess when you try it on Live Media, you simply copy it on the manjaro installers user home folder …
On the other hand, both Arturia Pigments and Novum Granular are commercial software.
Bitwig is also commercial, but at least there is a native linux version too, why don’t you use that and only use yabridge for the others?

I’ll check the permissions. I’m running Bitwig native. To test, I just launch the live USB session then install everything through the package manager as usual. Then do fresh installations of the vst plugins using Wine. The plugins go into the wine c: directory.

I know the menus work in KDE too. Just not my installation at the moment.

Turns out it was the Unite Gnome shell extension causing the issue. Once I disabled it, the menus work as expected.

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