Trouble with lesspipe

I wonder if there may be interest in packaging and distributing the debian lesspipe as an alternative to the official one that is currently available in manjaro (e.g. as a lesspipe-light) package.

It is my understanding that the official lesspipe is way more powerful than the one that is available on debian based distros. At the same time, this great power has a cost. The official lesspipe may become confused more easily (as of today, it requires being disabled with and ending colon when trying less with TeX ascii class files). Furthermore, on low-end machine, the official lesspipe is introducing some noticeable delay.

In case there is interest, what would be the best way of packaging? As a package conflicting with the current lesspipe package or as a package installable side to side with it requiring users wanting to rely on it to set their LESSOPEN variable to the alternate script?