Trouble installing, sha256sum is wrong

Hey, I’m trying to come from linux mint to manjaro, and am running into trouble. I’ve tried to install several versions of Manjaro, I really want to try kde, but the image display’s its menu, it goes black on gnome, kde full and minimal, cinnamon minimal. I looked and the sha256sum output doesn’t match, nothing of had a match. I’m currently, somehow running manjaro cinnamon, though the check sums do not match. Below is the output of sha256sum I got in Mint and the file manjaro website. The don’t match. I’ts a sanity check as well really. I am freaked out by the 512 appended to the checksum verify files as well. 2*256, I barely grasp anything here.

I had the cinnamon version running before, I hit update all before, in what is in mint called the update manager, 1.8Gigs!! this is a totally foreign concept to me. After I hit update all, and after I attempted to restart the system after it was having trouble, again the black screen after< 1min. Any advice or help for a complete noob would be very much appreciated.

john@john-Aspire-E5-576:~/Downloads$ sha256sum manjaro-kde-22.1.3-230529-linux61.iso
a07a10e18642fe4106c8326ddb0ea03cff8721543db4a31c3b5da8f0d1533ffb manjaro-kde-22.1.3-230529-linux61.iso

4adb82825f114b9ce1ad79bf69a4f14f1461b90ae57d2857824379caf4842347a354b4e2b8011024b236c58104a1141efe1e6503c0039d81bd06583d9c5e10e0 manjaro-kde-22.1.3-230529-linux61.iso

The 4adb…sum on the site is sha512 not 256 :grinning:
Manjaro is a rolling release, a gigabyte updates a month is normal, since the image on the site is old (from May) it pulls up all the updates for 3 months.


What you call update - in Manjaro terms is sync - and yes - first time the size will correspond to the changes in repo since ISO was released.

It will be easier to download and use the signature as this provides both integrity and origin

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Thanks a bunch! sha512sum checked out. I’m going to try installing the kde again, something new, though cinnamon is familiar (coming from mint.) Another question, it got borked last time when I clicked install everything, I’ve read others saying it’s safer to use the command line, I chose to update (sync I mean) with the GUI only a few packages and it was okay. Thanks for all of the info. It’s a very interesting OS, the package updates coming so fast is what got me interested in Manjaro.

:grinning: Extremely Helpful! Thank you!

You have to update everything or your system will be unsupported.

i did it via pacman -syu it wouldn’t reboot again unfortunately, same thing. I’ll probably try something else.

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