Trouble installing SbK Cinnamon 22.1.b

The release has been removed, below is what is not part of the release.

hi got it bootin and installed it but cant open my screen give no signal
there is login sound
it only happend when i try you spins any idear how too fix it ?
i do like your take on the standerd linux flavors

Are you installing this in a virtual machine? What iso are you using, did you check the download against its hash? Also what is your graphics hardware?

i use no virtual machine
1060gtx use a tv 4k as main screen
using the latest stable download

All SbK spins are stable based. Did you use the minimal, panel, or full iso? Did you check that the downloaded file matched the hash of the file? Specifically, did you follow the “Checking the Iso Hash in Linux” section found on this page.