Trouble installing manjaro-printer

Not sure this is the right place. I want to install a printer(KDE). Saw on wiki I should type: sudo pamac install manjaro-printer
I get the answer :command not found
where do I go from here ( step by step please)

Try sudo pacman -S install manjaro-printer.

Pamac is a graphical application which can be selected from the menu of whatever desktop environment you are using.

May I ask which printer model you want to install?

thanks but: error: target not found: install

I was just preparing for a new printer I haven’t yet bought.

I have not tried KDE in a while, but Manjaro Distros come with printer tools built in, the only thing you may need is to install a driver if necessary.

You should be able to add printer from KDE settings.

BTW It’s pacman -S manjaro-printer (without the install)

YES thank you! now all I have to do is buy a new printer :slight_smile:

You’re mixing Pamac and Pacman commands. It’s either:

pamac install manjaro-printer


sudo pacman -S manjaro-printer
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I only tried pamac because wiki suggested it!
Thans anyway, it worked

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