Trouble installing Manjaro Cinnamon on Ryzen 5 1600x/B450/Vega 64 based system


Hey guys. I’ve got an installation of Manjaro that is on my SSD from my previous build (i5-7600/GTX1700), which stopped working initially when I replaced my video card with a Vega 64. I initially thought that I screwed things up by removing the video-vesa driver.
Anyway, finally got around to working on this again now that my build is stable. I figured out how use mhwd to install my video-vesa driver. Didn’t help things at all though. It would still hang on boot, about where I would expect the gui to start up.

Just decided “f*ck it” and was going to reinstall, but it does the same thing when I boot off a new USB installer made with manjaro-cinnamon-17.1.12-stable-x86_64.iso.

Anyone know how I can make this work? With the way it hangs, I suspect that this issue is related to the video driver. Not sure what logs to check to figure out what the problem is though.


First off always use latest iso for any ryzen product
use 18.0 iso


Well first off, I did. Downloaded this iso yesterday. Just checked again and do not see 18 available for Cinnamon community spin.
Second - It’s not like my CPU, motherboard chipset, and video card were released yesterday. No way my config could require an OS that was literally just released.


Vega based graphics cards requires kernel 4.15 or above.
The 17.1.12 ISO’s only had 4.14, so they won’t give you a GUI.

So if you can’t wait for the Cinnamon 18.0 ISO to be released, you can use your 17.1.12 ISO and install using Manjaro Architect. That makes it possible to select the kernel version you want (which is 4.15 or above, probably 4.19, since it has loads of improvements to vega).

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