Trouble install dual boot W10

If I understand correctly, OP is having problems installing windows and is asking for help.
If that is the case, prepare an ntfs partition beforehand to install windows.
When booting up windows install media, make sure it is booted in bios-legacy (as Manjaro).
After windows is installed, Manjaro will not be able to be booted up.
See this to get back Manjaro.

Also be aware - Windows requires first partition on first disk - otherwise it refuses to install.

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Not that I’m aware of, fhdk. Windows can be in a logical partition too as long as there is a boot in a primary partition.
My old laptop has windows in sda2. And in gpt, it can be anywhere.
If I am wrong, appreciate a link on it.
Thanks, cheers.

You can easily be right and I can be wrong. I have never investigated it further so I don’t know if it has been officially acknowledged - just an experience I have had.

The installer leaves a message that an operating system is already installed and refuses to install.

I have tried to install Windows after Manjaro when Manjaro occupied the beginning of the disk and Windows refused to install.

I have tried with the Windows installer to place Windows on a partition located in the last part of the disk and Windows refused to install.

Hence the advice :slight_smile: you probably know this better than me.

Thanks for the reply. I guess windows is usually in the first partition because we get the disk that way.
None of us here would intentionally install windows after installing linux. :smile:
Take care.

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