TROM-Jaro, a trade-free Manjaro build

We are going to manage all of our TROM-Jaro work on gitlab from now on - so that anyone can help us! :slight_smile: - from bug fixing to improvements or recommendations.

Wanted to give you a brief heads-up - we made a page on with people's feedbacks - there are people installing it on MacBook Pros or all kinds of other computers. So great to see some people seeing more value in Linux than in MacOS for example, and "freeing" themselves from the Apple gated-garden.

I plan to update the iso the following weeks and remove snapd + add a few other pre-installed applications and unclutter Firefox a little (remove some extensions). We will be adding more and more "apps" here and we'll start recommending Firefox addons too + Gnome Extensions. A lot of work ahead but lovely for us :slight_smile:


I don't want to spam Manjaro forums with these so I will just mention that we are on - you can test this distro in the browser. I think is important for those who want to test without installing it :wink:

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If you hadn't mentioned it, I wouldn't have noticed it at all :smiley:


We will remove snapd from the next build. We will update the iso in a few weeks time.


So, we have a new release :smiley: (it is fresh so give it a few hours fort the isos to properly upload on both sources :wink: ).

We are making the ISO better by keeping it simple. Only the basics: like backups before every update, AUR enabled by default, update-check every week, good theme integration (QT and GTK), support for appimages and flatpak, integrated screenshot tool, support for mac pro wifi, and overall keeping it simple and functional. And clean.

We removed more Manjaro branding and we will better customize it in the next releases. We reduced the size from 2.2GB to 1.6GB. We don't pre-install any application/package unless it is a must.

We also added support for web-installation of packages. So now people can install applications directly from, which makes it super easy for people to click and install. We are adding more and more apps now to our website + we will start recommending gnome extensions and firefox addons.

We have a new "releases" page over here so that people know what we changed/added

For future releases we will add native support for the DAT network within Firefox - help decentralize the web - and add our own branding. We won't add that much or remove since this is a "base" distro that relies on for customization and for users to choose what they want to add to their system.

Question: a few people suggested to me that we make TROM-Jaro an "official" Manjaro spin, but I have no idea what that implies. If anyone can let me know, please do ;). We will for sure continue the development of TROM-Jaro regardless.



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This is nice altho not a total rookie i will check this out i love the arch model. Not a coder or anything like that looking more stability

This is an unofficial spin based on Manjaro. If you are new to "Arch" then unofficial spins of Manjaro are probably not the best option.


Contrary to Jonathon's view, TROM-Jaro is super easy to use, same as Manjaro. I recommend you to try it out. Even my parents use it. We made it easy for newcomers. Like automated backups of the system before every update, we removed some packages and simplified the interface a bit.

EDIT: Also in terms of stability we psotpone Manjaro updates by a week. So that if there are any issues with the update they may get solved in the meantime.

:smile: in any case the update arrive in your end after our approvation so one week or two week don t make difference in the stable branch


That's not what I said, but please don't promote the idea that your unofficial spin is somehow "more stable" than Manjaro. That would be blatantly false.


I makes since I keep an eye on updates and test them and if there is a problem at least I may know about it and make people aware and maybe post the solution from manjaro forums on Plus, a week may be enough time for a fix to be pushed to the update.

You said unofficial spins are probably not the best option. You really implied that TROM-Jaro may not be his best option. Let the guy try and see. Anyways....

You're very much making that implication yourself.

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You said it man. That's the context. You suggested that TROM-Jaro may not be the best option for him. You want me to translate it for you¿

"This (TROM-jaro) is an unofficial spin based on Manjaro. If you are new to "Arch" then unofficial spins of Manjaro (like TROM-jaro) are probably not the best option."

The fact that you don't mention TROM-jaro doesn't make it sound as if you were not talking about "it". Politicians are great at that. But you won't trick me :smiley:

In any case TROM-jaro is specifically made for "rookie" people :wink:

And isn't AFK: Away From Keyboard? :stuck_out_tongue:

The manjaro forum does not exist for the kind of promotion of derived work as you are doing.

If you want to promote your version of Manjaro - fine - do it without using the Manjaro forum.

If you want to promote your idealistic view of a 'trade-free' world - fine - do it without involving the Manjaro Forum.

You have to stop this promotion - you serve only your own interest - not the interest of the users of this forum.

Anything posted to the Manjaro Forum needs to be of interest of the users of the forum - and no - your version of a trade-free society and related political and ideological discussions is not in the interest of the forum.

This forum is a technical Manjaro Linux forum where people come to seek help with their Manjaro Linux related issues - not to be involved in a discussion whether or not to support your personal ideas of the ideal society.

We have been very patient with you and your patreons but it has to stop.

A user like @Librewish showcases what can be done tweaking a Manjaro system but the user never promotes this as a substitute for Manjaro unlike you - promoting your trade-free world to everyone and asking them to support your efforts by donating you money.

I really find that promotion you do repulsive.

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OK, sure. Any official spin - TROM-Jaro included - is not the best first option for a new user to Arch-based distros.

If you want to promote it as such you can do so on your own site, but please don't then point people to the Manjaro forum to get support, especially when you include your own third-party package repository.

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You are saying that a lot, but I don't do anything more than simply showcasing a Manjaro spin on the proper forum category. And then I reply to messages. You people ask me what is this trade-free and how is this different from Manjaro. And I reply, And then people like Jonathon have the time to tell people that TROM-jaro may not be the best for them to try out just because it is not an official spin. So of course I had to reply to that since it is not fair or correct or true to say that. You guys transform all such discussions into debates. I simply posted my Manjaro spin and you jump on me with questions, then I reply and you say that I am the one talking too much and off-topic here. Look at your comment. Do you want to start a discussion again or you want to be pleased by me not engaging with your comment so you have the last say?


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