TROM-Jaro, a trade-free Manjaro build

Hey people, I want to show you our custom Manjaro distributions and what we changed to it.

What we did to it (the short version):

  1. The theme we use (vimix) is very varied in terms of user choices + supporting both GTK and QT it is one of the most consistent and well maintained themes. We use Zafiro icons because they are very simple and seem well supported (we also help with the development a bit).

  2. Minimal pre-installed applications.

  3. Automated backups before every update.

  4. Native support for appimages, flatpaks and snaps.

  5. Customized Firefox so that it blocks ads and trackers.

  6. We have our own repo.

  7. Added a few cool backgrounds (minimalist, sharp, simple).

  8. Made it look a bit like Unity.

  9. A few cool things like the default screenshot application is Flameshot (the best by far in terms of how easy it is to use and how full of features it is); Syntching is insatlled by default because it is the best (in our tests) file-sharing application; KeePassXC is installed and integrated with Firefox, because it is (again, in our view) the best password manager; Mintstick is the easiest application to format USB Drives and burn an ISO on such a device.

  10. We also customized a bit some extensions like Dash to Dock in terms of the defaults.

and more

A video we made about it you can see here:

The official website is where you can find all about it - (it comes in 4 languages: english, russian, spanish and german). We have an APPS section where we recommend trade-free applications that we test on TROM-Jaro.

I hope you find it useful and thank you Manjaro for providing the tools to build a custom distribution based on yours. I highly appreciate that. I used to complain on this forum about some Manjaro decisions in terms of the software they include and such, but then I learned in a few months time how to build a custom distribution so I don't have to complain anymore :).


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Sometimes they make me crazy with the nearly same names :wink:
Syncthing vs. Syntching

haha I made a mistake - I find it so difficult to type it.

I like your visual and your focus on non commercial software. Great idea!

Some questions:

  1. how big is your team?
  2. what do you use for preupgrade backups?
  3. do you want your distro to be installable with manjaro-architect?

Some suggestions:

  1. If you go for unity style, you should check out the unite extension in the repos. It also provides a system tray EDIT: already included it seems.
  2. with your focus on privacy, you could maybe add ublock origin and canvas blocker extensions to Firefox by default EDIT: I see that ublock origin is already included.

Helping with the distro itself we are some 3 people, but we may get help from others too. But there are other people helping with translations of the website for example, or providing other kind of help with the website.

Timeshift + timeshift-autosnap

I want for the distro to be very user-friendly: from installation to usability. Manjaro-Architect, from my past uses, seemed geared towards more advanced users. We already tested TROM-Jaro on many devices and with people tho knew nothing about computers, and I feel like Calamares does a good job at making the installation easy. Speaking of that I am happy to see Windows and Mac users migrating to TROM-Jaro :slight_smile: - and the fact that it works on so many different devices. Of course that's because of Manjaro and Arch primarily.

About "unite" - the problem with extensions coming from any repo is that Gnome extensions get to be (usually) upgraded first on the gnome extension website and users get a notification and update them, and thus making the repo a bit irrelevant. Like I installed Unite from the repos and then got updates from gnome website.

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So are you using rsync ??
And where are those backups/snapshots stored

You can read more here

Its for btrfs filesystem then
Difference is its with time shift instead of snapper.

Both btrfs and rsync work. We tested them.

Really love the aesthetic of the distro. Will you be re-branding the Manjaro-branded stuff still that still remains e.g. manjaro-hello, grub, calamares etc.?

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Thank you! Wanted to also mention that we integrated Vimix GTX + QT + Kvantum so that most "apps" look the same regardless if tehy are gtw or qt. Gives the distro a better look overall.

We would love to. The distro is only a few months old so we will try to improve it. I don't mind the Manjaro brand though, since there is no secret that this is a customized Manjaro basically. But, the more time we have, the more things we can do to it. Any suggestions are welcomed! :slight_smile:

Do you have a git repo for your iso profiles somewhere?

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We are posting it here in the next 24h


Hi tio , I just installed Transsion but there are no peers, Is there any other way to download tromjaro? thanks

There should be several peers...I am also going to upload on the server itself and provide 2 links for download. I'll update here when is done!

@tiotrom I see you are packaging gnome-terminal-transparency, gnome-terminal-fedora in the official repo don't work for you?

I wasn't aware of that package. I replaced it already and will push the update in the next release :slight_smile:


there is one peer, it is comming quickly, thanks

The install page updated. Now we use two methods for download: Bittorrent and from our server directly. Both should work much better now. We also provide access to a previous iso version, before the latest one. So that people always have access to 2 iso releases. I'm thinking that maybe at times we may release a new iso that doesn't work properly and people may want the previous one.

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