Trash portal failed on <folder> when deleting non empty folders

When I try to delete folders with files inside, an error appears telling me “Trash portal failed on folder”. This only happens with Thunar and Nautilus, while with Dolphin it works fine. I tried starting both file managers from the terminal, but no error shows up. I’m sorry if this is not the right place to ask, but I’m really lost and I can’t even find a way to begin troubleshooting this problem.

Could this be an incompatibility between KDE and Xfce? (I have both installed on this system).
How can I find out why it’s failing?

When mixed together for the same user, yes, you can expect any kind of inconsistencies.

That would mean for me you installed from KDE Plasma ISO.

If you look at manjaro-xfce-settings what files and config provides and compare to manjaro-kde-settings and understand that those are copied from /etc/skel/ to the newly created user during the installation, and that are manajro tweaks for each DE respectively, and those packages can’t reside together in the same install, you will understand (probably) what you have to do next.

I installed from the XFCE iso a long time ago, then I installed KDE after a few months. Now that I think about it, this issue didn’t appear then, so unless some updates to the desktop environments changed something (which at this point I should consider), I don’t think that is the cause. Also, I don’t seem to have manjaro-xfce-settings nor manjaro-kde-settings, and I’m pretty sure I did not touch them. Could this be the problem? (/etc/skel is empty also)

edit: I installed manjaro-xfce-settings and rebooted the system, no difference. The problem is still there.

Whatever of those two packages you install, you need to copy all the files from /etc/skel/ to your home directory. All the files, including the hidden ones, but like i said, do not expect to have consistency between multiple DEs.

I found this, but wait and see what bogdancovaciu tells you.
Manjaro team (I agree with not mixing desktops as he says)

Cita I had GTK_USE_PORTAL=1 in my /etc/environment

Thank you, I had GTK_USE_PORTAL=1 too in .profile. I removed it, and now everything works fine.

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