Transmission and moving files seem to trigger external hard drive failures

My hard drive is this seagate basic 2 to. I encountered some issues moving files out of the box so I formatted it in ext4 which hasnt solved my issues. it is currently plugged in a usb 2.0 port as it seemed to fail even more when plugged into usb 3.0 port. I can play a mkv file fine, but playing a mkv file while using transmission to dl something on the same disk seems to make the external drive hang, start again, then hang again, using just transmission to download something on the disk also triggers the same behavior, and so does moving files, this made transferring my data to the external drive an insanely long and painful process. here are what I believe to be the relevant logs from journalctl -r.


You may want to run a SMART test and check if the drive isn’t just faulty.

I think its unavailable

smartctl --info /dev/sdc2 | grep ‘SMART support is:’
SMART support is: Unavailable - device lacks SMART capability.

/dev/sdc2 is a partition - did you try the command on the device (/dev/sdc)?

smartctl --info /dev/sdc | grep ‘SMART support is:’

does not return anything. gnome-disks also seems to indicate that smart is not available on the disk.

/dev/sdc is not a good device identifier - it might change between reboots. Is it available and points to the correct device? Adjust the command accordingly.

what would be a good device identifier ? looking at gnome-disks and lsblck yes the seagate basic is at /dev/sdc2

Any of the ones in /dev/disk/by-id/ or /dev/disk/by-uuid.
If the device gets assigned /dev/sdc after each reboot it will work just as well - just be mindful that it might change.

That device should have and report SMART info - it is way too new to not have any at all.
As it is an external drive: is it getting enough power? Do not use any (passive) hubs and if it had an extra power cable, please use that.

I do not use a hub, the segate basic does not come with a the possibility of being independently powered, my psu is a Corsair HX750W 80PLUS Silver and I have an other unpowered external hard drive (seagate expansion), a powered one (western digital my book), three internal disks ( 2 ssds on hdd), 8go of ram and a nvidia gtx 960 and 3 fans, is that too much for the psu ?


Thus a power problem seems unlikely.

Did you try to access the device (and/or SMART info) on another machine?