Translate the Manjaro webpage

Is it possible to translate the webpage? The GitLab repo seems quite inactive.
If not, when will it be ready?
Please do not host it on Transifex. There are open source tools, for example Weblate.

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Translating the website is not viable as the information in other languages will become outdated fast without a permanent translator, one can use tools like google translate.


Translation services doesn't work well with all languages. For example, in Hungarian it translates incorrectly some sentences, which are not good for Manjaro.
English: When updates are available Manjaro will just show an unobtrusive notification.
Hungarian Google translate (loan translation back to English): When an update are available, Manjaro will show an annoying notification.

What about translating it on Weblate? They have a free plan for open source projects, but it can be completely self-hosted, since it's open source.

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