Transferring files from iphone

so in all the descriptions I found for this I need this ifuse. But somehow ifuse doesnt seem to exist for me haha.

sudo pacman -Sy ifuse 

i get told: error: target not found: ifuse
in the add/remove software it also wouldnt show up.
How do I handle this?

Because ifuse is only available in AUR, so you’d have to use pamac build ifuse

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thanks so much!

okay, it seemed to work first but after a reboot its not mounted anymore and I can also not mount it anymore with

ifuse -o allow_other mountpoint

→ ERROR: No device found!

any idea what could be causing this?

Did you start the service and pair the device? Like in the directions?

systemctl enable usbmuxd.service
systemctl start usbmuxd.service


idevicepair pair

i dont know for me it never mount automaticly.
i need use command

ifuse ~/iPhone
to get files again on iphone :slight_smile:

i did all of those 3 commands. When I reach idevicepair pair it tells me again: No device found.

Also it would be cool not having to type a bunch of commands to achieve the mounting of the iphone each time. Probably this can be automated somehow?

Do you have libimobiledevice installed as well?

I mean the first time I did these things, it worked!
(yes, iphone is plugged in and charging :-))

Application integration

Applications which use GVFS, such as some file managers (GNOME Files, Thunar) or media players (Rhythmbox) can interact with iOS devices after installing the gvfs-afc and gvfs-gphoto2 packages. Restarting the file manager or application might be needed.

You’d probably have to use install the GVFS package. It automounts my android with that in my File Managers (Dolphin, Thunar, PCManFM)

Regarding why your phone isn’t pairing anymore… someone else will have to help with that since I don’t own an iPhone.

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cool, that gvfs-gphoto2 helped!
Only thing is now, that the thumbnails of picture files in the iphone are not displayed anymore. (Preference Thumbnails set to All Files)
(on my usb stick for example thumbnails are shown)

i was having an issue earlier. I was using thunar to see my iphone. I copied everything to a new folder, and changed it back to Dolphin File Manager and the thumbnails appeared. It was an extra step but only takes 2 clicks