Transfering Tutorial from the forum to the wiki

I think this can be a good idea to transfer some tutorial provided by the member from here on the wki.

As the purpose of the wiki is helping users with their problem in the section troubleshooting and directing others to specific section, for giving hints or ideas. Subjects on the forum can be nice article with the goal to help user, and a place to centralize them, like the wiki, seems to sound nice.

What do you think of this idea ?


This can be nice, but is there problem with author’s rights ?
If we mention them in the first line of hte page, and create a link to their topic, is it a good pratice regarding their work ?

According to this topic Is the wiki useful, what content is missing?, there are several things to change on Manjaro’s Wiki.

The first things is the place of article on the main page, actually, it’s this :

If we study it a little bit more, we can see many useless parts :

Where the main page of the wiki could simply be :

Parts here are just suggestion and I’m not an expert on users’ interst, but I’m convinced that the actual page is not as good as it should be. Also, changing the main page will permit to add the forum’s post.

Ok, nevermind I found the right topic About the Tutorials category.

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