TrackPad Tricks?

I am experiencing some trackpad antics and don’t know where to start to exorcise them. All of sudden (after updating) my trackpad won’t accept a tap as a click but it moves the mouse? I thought it might be the hardware however my Manjaro (on microSD) works fine? Could I copy the nouse/trackpad configuration file from my microSD to SSD to fix the problem?
If so where is it?

I could just re-install but I thought I could learn something by fixing it.

Another oddity is my Dell P3551doesnt have the Manjaro grub menu? I probably should have addressed it when I first installed Manjaro, I made a timeshift backup but Dells BiOS is causing me anxiety.

Any suggestions are much appreciated.

About the trackpad issue, you can go to settings> Mouse & Touchpad and turn on the “Tap to Click” option! ( Also, I use GNOME, I’m not sure if things work the same way in KDE Plasma) (You can search for a similar option in your settings tho…)

That’s the problem. I can’t tap anything!I If I can find my wireless mouse I’ll see what happenss.


this link might be helpful (it uses command line)

Thanks for the link.

I found my wireless mouse and it fixed the track-pad tricks.The settings weren’t changed and it just started working?

Now I have to find out why my graphics are inverted at startup. If I change the resolution it snaps backs to normal. Probably an Nvidia thing. Another post for another day.

Thanks for everyone’s help.