Trackpad not working after low battery


I am having some issues where if I let the battery level on my laptop run down to critical levels while it is sleeping then when I plug it in and wake it up the trackpad doesnt work. Have tried messing around with tlp settings to no avail.

hwinfo on track pad:

65: PS/2 00.0: 10500 PS/2 Mouse
  [Created at input.249]
  Unique ID: AH6Q.GmDtYlgS4i8
  Hardware Class: mouse
  Model: "DLL0A81:00 04F3:3147 Touchpad"
  Vendor: 0x04f3 
  Device: 0x3147 "DLL0A81:00 04F3:3147 Touchpad"
  Compatible to: int 0x0210 0x0001
  Device File: /dev/input/mice (/dev/input/mouse1)
  Device Files: /dev/input/mice, /dev/input/mouse1, /dev/input/event8, /dev/input/by-path/pci-0000:00:15.1-platform-i2c_designware.1-event-mouse, /dev/input/by-path/pci-0000:00:15.1-platform-i2c_designware.1-mouse
  Device Number: char 13:63 (char 13:33)
  Driver Info #0:
    Buttons: 1
    Wheels: 0
    XFree86 Protocol: explorerps/2
    GPM Protocol: exps2
  Config Status: cfg=new, avail=yes, need=no, active=unknown

I am running kernel version 5.10.109-1.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions!