TP-Link Archer T9UH v1

I have had the card mentioned in the title now for several reinstalls of Manjaro. Each time I used the driver from this git repo. Unfortunately, on my latest install my computer does not list the dongle as a network interface in NetworkManager. I’m using kernel 5.8.16-2.

That was before it switched to firmware ?

Maybe because you need the older firmware branch?

There are two AUR packages for this dongle
from 5.1.5 branch
from 5.6.4 branch

But, from what i read, the one you need is rtl8814au not rtl8821au nor rtl8812au
That means this one:

I’ve now tried all three of those packages to no avail. Just to be clear, I installed linux58-headers, dkms, and git before trying each package. I will try other repos for the driver on github, and hopefully will return here with success.

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