Tow Boot is annoying flaky; any other solutions for booting off devices other than the internal eMMC?

I recently installed Tow Boot so I could boot of the micro SD card of my Pinebook Pro, which is running Manjaro ARM with KDE Plasma Desktop. Unfortuntely, Tow Boot seems annoyingly flaky: sometimes it hangs, sometimes it doesn’t see any boot device, sometimes it won’t boot of the SD card. I just have to reboot until it actually works.

Are there any other solutions for booting from the SD card?

Only other option is to use u-Boot, which may have somewhat similar issues as the issue for non-booting sdcard can be due to conflict between 2 bootloaders, one on emmc/spi and another on sdcard.

If you try to boot android or some other os which uses bsp uboot then it will conflict with tow-boot.

There is also this: rk2aw - Rockchip to Allwinner boot order Boot ROM extension – with the advantage (if you want to regularly boot from microSD) that it puts the microSD card in the bootorder first, not requiring you to press some magic keys at boot to boot from microSD like Tow-Boot does.