Tow-Boot for Manjaro and RPI4?

Has anyone tried tow-boot on the RPI4? I have tied u-boot for the rpi4 in the past, but it does not like my choice of keyboard… hoping that maybe tow-boot can or will support it.

Tow-boot is just u-boot with some patches to change some behavior and in some cases add a bit more support stuff.

As far as I know, tow-boot for the rpi4 is just a u-boot variant.

The patches tow-boot uses in their rpi4 builds:

Hmm, does not seem promising for support my keyboard. Nothing else seems to complain about the keyboard, not sure u-boot does. Guess I will need to dig in to find out why and try to get patches added.

first install generic-image or storage-img? does xxx.bin need?

ok, dd storage-img to sd-card then install generic-image, reboot.
menu pop up but can not boot from sd-card, some sequence wrong?
ps. figure out keyboard work^^

im wrong, generic-image did not bring up welcome setup menu and keyboard fail.

That is not good news. I hoped tow-boot would be generous with the keyboard support. I have no issues with any other software, just u-boot.

One article dealing with Tow-boot and Pinephine and Manjaro:

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last time test tow-boot with a 32G sdcard.
now, can not get 32G back with fdisk only 3.6G left.
anyone know how to fix?