Touchscreen support


I am relatively new to Linux but I like how smoothy it runs on my laptop compared to windows so I have been switched over for a few months now. I have a dell xps 13 9370.

One of the only two gripes I have is that I can’t use any intuitive scrolling or manipulation gestures on the touchscreen like I can in windows. I can’t just drag the webpage in firefox to scroll, i have to grab the scroll bar, or I can’t pinch to zoom.

These seem pretty minor but they were a big quality of life thing that I didn’t even realize I used so much to begin with.

If anyone has found any fixes to this or knows where to start any help would be appreciated, thanks.



This is a must read for you Dell XPS 13 (9370) - ArchWiki
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What you could try for touchscreen is Touchegg - ArchWiki as is also in our official repositories.

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You’re new on Linux? I also have a 2 in 1 laptop. To be honest, the only DE capable of touchscreen devices is (surprise) GNOME. It support gestures and have excelent support (Cinnamon is a fork of an old version of Gnome).

I recommend you to install Manjaro GNOME and customize it. It comes out of the box experience. When you install, remember to use Swap with hibernate.

Per Touchscreen#Two-fingers_scrolling:

The two-fingers scrolling has to be implemented on the application side (see this link). For Firefox, see Firefox/Tweaks#Enable touchscreen gestures.

There is a hack to emulates this scrolling behavior for every application in #Touchegg, but the X server still handles it as text selection (at least with Plasma).