Touchscreen gestures are recognized, but Magic Trackpad's are not

Hi there! I have a desktop PC (Ryzen 5900, NVIDIA 1660ti) with Manjaro/Gnome 40/kernel 5.10 (test branch). I have nvidia-beta-dkms 470.63.01-1 installed, but issue was present before installing it. I use 3 displays, one of which has a touchscreen (Dell P2418HT). I complement the touchscreen with an Apple Magic Trackpad 2 (which was detected without a problem, both wired and using bluetooth).
I currently am on X11 for two reasons: I can’t make Wayland appear as an option in GDM (I’ll open a different thread for that in the near future) and I also need to use xrandr to mirror one of the displays and I believe there is no similar alternative in Wayland.
I am mostly interested in the pinch-to-zoom gesture, which I need on a daily basis when I use Miro in my browser (mostly Chromium, but some Firefox too). Pinch-to-zoom works flawlessly across the board (in the browser and in apps, such as Document Viewer) when using the monitor’s touchscreen, but the gesture doesn’t work when using the trackpad.
The strange thing is that the trackpad’s gestures are supposedly being recognized. For example, I am successfully using fusuma to trigger some actions when doing a 3-finger swipe with the trackpad. I also tried to use libinput-debug-gui to test the recognition of gestures for the trackpad and pinching is being detected.

Any idea on how to proceed? Or have I hit a dead end?

Thanks in advance!

It is disabled if the nvidia driver is detected. See here.

X11 doesn’t really have any facilities to forward touchpad gestures to applications. I think the best you can do at the moment is simulating Control++ or - key presses.

You can configure that for fusuma:

    command: 'xdotool keydown ctrl click 4 keyup ctrl'
    command: 'xdotool keydown ctrl click 5 keyup ctrl'

Have you looked at the X11 gestures GNOME shell extension (it’s in the AUR)? Maybe you’ll find it better than fusuma.

Thanks for the reply! I’ll therefore try to switch to Wayland and see if I can replicate xrandr reflect somehow.

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