Touchscreen bug

I’ve been playing around with Manjaro XFCE and GNOME(currently using XFCE).
However, I’ve noticed that the touchscreen is unresponsive(worked in Windows).
I’ve done some research and have traced it to a bug in the package libinput.
Here is the output error from libinput list-devices:
event8 - NextWindow Touchscreen: libinput bug: missing tablet capabilities: btn-stylus resolution. Ignoring this device.
I can still record it with libinput record and evtest.
My Hardware is a Dell Studio One 1909, if that helps.
Libinput docs says it’s probably a kernel bug or HID descriptor bug.
I’ve noticed that there also are two other events named NextWindow Touchscreen.
What can I do to fix it? Or, if I cannot, are there other touchscreen drivers I can try?

And does your tablet have a Stylus or Stylus support or not?

AFAIK the NextWindow touchscreen should work with xf86-input-evdev installed.
Otherwise, since has some closed source components, you might be able to make it work with this:

Here is all the information available ATM Touchscreen - ArchWiki

My touchscreen does not have a stylus of any kind.
xf86-input-evdev is installed.
This software appears to be designed for Ubuntu/Debian.
How can I get it working on Arch/Manjaro?
Thanks for the reply!

Are you currently using GNOME or XFCE?

You can look at my thread Auto screen rotation + keyboard disable that might help you.

Your previous formatting from your first post is unclear. Can you use blockquotes or code-blocks to share the output again?