Touchpad support on Acer laptop (Gemini Lake platform)

recently I bought an Acer Travelmate B118-M (Pentium Silver 5000) and installed the actual Manjaro. Everything runs fine except the touchpad (tested all available kernels).
Here [] I found the reason for the problem (It's exactly mine).
The guys built a patch and as far I understand sent it to the kernel-maintainers (and have it for immediate download).
Does anybody know, when this patch gets included in the regular Manjaro-kernel?

My last own kernel is >20 years back and one thread I found here stopped my enthusiasm...
So I have to sit and wait ???

If you're still interested in applying the patch yourself, here is a howto: How to compile the mainline Kernel the Manjaro way

Thanks for this hint! Will go and try this. Pray for me :wink:

Edit: just this thread has been my show-stopper...

Don't know, when your touchpad fix will end up in mainline kernel, but when it does it won't be long before Manjaro picks it up. Having multiple kernel choices including the very fresh ones is something of a speciality of Manjaro.

My 1st compile (makepkg -s) on regular kernel succeeded. Will now take very small steps forward...
Need to find a way to test the new kernels without breaking my whole system (that's not my regular job :wink:

I found, their patch seems to be a diff, but the 'official' patches are AFIK from git.
That's far beyond my level of knowledge...
Can you point me to some material that may help me continue?

patch utility may be of help in this case:

$ pacman -Syu patch

Yeah, thats clear. But how do I get such diff into a regular, semi-official patch, which I can feed into the makepkg-cycle?
The format seems very different to me...

If you followed the howto you have cloned the git repository containing a PKGBUILD and several patches. To additionally apply your patch:

  • copy your patchfile to the same directory as 0099-touchpad-support-for-acer-laptop.patch
  • edit PKGBUILD file to apply your patch: add a line to the prepare() function similar to the ones already present, something like
  # touchpad support on acer laptop
  patch -Np1 -i '../0099-touchpad-support-for-acer-laptop.patch'

Now prepare/build the package

$ makepkg -s

That should build a kernel with your additional patch applied.

OK, thank you so much!!!
Will try this way next. I think, these are the missing steps I looked for :slight_smile:
Going to work...

No success :frowning:
Followed your instructions exactly, 3 different attempts, each ended in 'file not found' (patch-file).
Have put the line on different places in PKGBUILD (last immediately after ELANTECH...) but no success, patchfile in same dir as PKGBUILD as you advised.

" patch: **** Can't open patch file..."

Used copy&paste and double-checked for typos. Same owner, mask is 644.

But there is no symlink created in the src-dir! How can I get that?

Edit: Have put a line under 'source' - new error is sha256-error.
Searching on...

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