Touchpad Pinch-to-zoom [Manjaro XFCE Dell 9560]

For the love of god/satan can someone please help in enabling pinch-to-zoom for the touchpad? I have a DELL XPS 15 9560 using Manjaro XFCE and the touch-screen pinch-to-zoom works perfectly for supported web-browsers. Why can’t this gesture be used for the trackpad? I’ve tried Touchegg (this breaks touchscreen pinch-to-zoom and doesn’t do much else), libinput-gestures and there is no solution. How can I take the touchscreen pinch-to-zoom gesture and make it recognised as a trackpad gesture? Already scoured the net and there is no found solution. Thanks.

Pinch to zoom fairly hard to do on libinput. With libinput-gestures each pinch generates only one bindable event regardless of pinch size, so at best you can get very rigid and slow pinch to zoom with it. Which doesn’t feel anything like the thing you are wanting.

Alternative is to script a custom tool using the same backend as libinput-gestures does: libinput-debug-events. This gives you the necessary data to know how many real pinch events are generated, and what is the direction of the pinch. Unfortunately, this is pretty hard to do. I tried it once and then gave up, because I couldn’t determine the direction of pinch from a single event. That makes it a bit too complex for a simple shell script.

So, basically, what you want doesn’t exist yet afaik. It will hopefully in a few years time. If you want it faster, feel free to code it, I would be most grateful :slightly_smiling_face:.

Meanwhile, you can can use ctrl+ two finger scrolling to zoom. It’s what I do.

Or, if you switch to Synaptics driver, you might get pinch to zoom in your trackpad. But the odds are that the touch screen won’t be working as well with it.

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