Touchpad not working after sleep/suspend

System info here

After my laptop is woken from the sleep/suspend state, the touchpad doesn’t work. I have done some research and found this thread: Trackpad mouse stops working on wake but psmouse does not seem to be used for my touchpad.

I am willing to get more logs/the output of more commands but don’t know what will be useful so please let me know what to get and I will.

Please check if the touchpad autosuspend:

sudo tlp-stat --usb

Also these are your drivers: hid-multitouch and usbhid

sudo modprobe -rv usbhid && sudo modprobe -rv hid-multitouch  && sleep 5 && sudo modprobe -v usbhid && sudo modprobe -v hid-multitouch

Or maybe these ones? hid-sensor-hub and usbhid ?

So I was sort of distro-hopping and since this post I installed elementaryOS. Touchpad didn’t work on boot but for some reason:

sudo modprobe -r psmouse 
sudo modprobe psmouse 

seemed to fix the issue (even though it didn’t on Manjaro?), touchpad works even after suspend/resume.

My apologies to future Googlers trying to solve this issue as this thread now doesn’t really help :frowning: