Touchpad not detected on lenovo s340 Manjaro

Hi i have an issue with Manjaro and Kali linux. The touch pad of my Lenovo s340 is not detected and doesn’t work, while it works on windows (triple boot). In device manager in windows it says it is a HID compilant touchpad which seems to be synaptic.

This is xinput output:

⎡ Virtual core pointer id=2 [master pointer (3)]
↳ Virtual core XTEST pointer id=4 [slave pointer (2)]
⎜ ↳ Logitech Wireless Mouse id=12 [slave pointer (2)]
⎣ Virtual core keyboard id=3 [master keyboard (2)]
↳ Virtual core XTEST keyboard id=5 [slave keyboard (3)]
↳ Power Button id=6 [slave keyboard (3)]
↳ Power Button id=8 [slave keyboard (3)]
↳ Integrated Camera: Integrated C id=9 [slave keyboard (3)]
↳ Ideapad extra buttons id=10 [slave keyboard (3)]
↳ AT Translated Set 2 keyboard id=11 [slave keyboard (3)]
↳ Video Bus id=7 [slave keyboard (3)]

Any help would be appreciated!

Please post the output of grep . /sys/bus/acpi/devices/*/status and ls -l /sys/bus/i2c/devices/*/ and sudo dmesg | egrep -i '(i2c|hid)'.