Touchpad is only working when the laptop is connected to a charger


I recently installed Manjaro Linux KDE on my chuwi lapbook air which runs on intel Celeron n3450. First it seemed like bad magic that the touchpad was sometimes working and sometimes not, but then I found out that curser movements work only when the laptop is connected to a power source (with some offset in time, it takes ~5s till touchpad is working after connecting the pc to power and it keeps working for ~1min when removing the plug). The “tap to click” function is working at any time. I would be really happy to find out what is going on in my device since I don’t see the connection between the charger and my touchpad.


I’m sorry, the issue is solved here:

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did you read my last post in that thread?

meaning by setting the default mode (AC) as persistent, tlp will behave the same way when using BAT as it does when using AC, meaning more power used and less battery life. i recommended that user try setting persistent to see if it was TLP power savings causing the touchpad issue.

the better fix would be to add the module used by the touchpad to this line in tlp’s config like this

RUNTIME_PM_DRIVER_BLACKLIST="amdgpu nouveau nvidia radeon pcieport i2c_hid hid_multitouch serio i8042 psmouse atkbd synaptics"

while your editing /etc/default/tlp change the persistent default back to 0

reboot and see if the touchpad works normally