Touchpad does not work after a period of use

This problem can be seen a lot on other linux forums, there are a few places that show how but when I tried it it didn't work. When I boot the device, I can still use it normally, the experience is great, 2 or 3 fingers are very responsive, but after a period of time (in minutes) it suddenly doesn't work anymore. To use it again, I have to reboot. I don't understand why, can someone help me? Well, I'm a new Linux user. I also tried installing debian and arch, but got the same error. One of them also had a wifi error. As for Mint, it works perfectly without any errors. But I prefer Manjaro (although I also tried installing it before and got the same error). I use KDE.

Hi @quanbiu and welcome to the Manjaro community.

If you are experiencing the same issue with multiple operating systems, logic dictates that the problem is more likely with your hardware.

I suggest contacting the manufacturer.

That is all. Cheers.

Thank you for your warm welcome, I use dualboot windows and linux. Windows has never had any issue before. Another update is that currently my Manjaro no longer recognizes the touchpad. It shows the message “no touchpad found” while the previous times I was able to use it for 5-10 minutes after boot. What should I do now?

Which kernel are you using? mhwd-kernel -li will show this. You might try switching to another one e.g. 6.1xx or 6.6xx if not already tried using one of those.

Also it may be helpful to post system details, e.g. inxi --full -Jxxxz should provide the bare minimum (please put “~~~” (without the quotes) on lines above and below the output you paste here, for proper formatting).

If a kernel change works at least for a while, try:

sudo modprobe -r psmouse && sudo modprobe -a psmouse

… to see if that revives the trackpad.

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