Touchpad and bluetooth on Razer blade 15 2021

Hello People,I installed Manjaro KDE 21.1.6 with kernel 5.15.1 on my new Razer Blade 15 advanced, 2021 model. I am happy with the results, but I am facing two problems. One I can live with, and the other I’d solve soon.

  1. Bluetooth automatically disables at Reboot. Bluetooth works seamlessly, after a cold boot, but after a restart it automatically disables itself, and doesn’t enable using systemctl commands. This is kinda okay, because I can always shut down and power up, instead of a traditional restart. That being said, a solution is appreciated.
    To be clear, I can’t get the bluetoothctl to work. It shows No default controllers available on commands like power on.
  2. The major problem is the cursor lag/jitter after suspend or sleep. I haven’t tried a USB or Bluetooth mouse yet. I mostly depend on the trackpad, and I believe the issue is there. I think the kernel module responsible is i2c_hid_acpi. But removing and restarting it back with modprob doesn’t seem to solve this.

I am really excited about making this OS my daily driver. Any help on the above issues is much appreciated. Thanks in advance.