Touche settings have zero effect - default Gnome 40 gestures persist

By default, Manjaro Gnome has touchpad gestures with 3 fingers, to easily switch desktops or show an overview of desktops. I love it.

Unfortunately, this is associated to 3 fingers. I thought changing this in Extensions > X11 Gestures to 4 fingers, would allow me to use the default gestures with 4 fingers. I restarted the session, the laptop, nothing. It seems that setting in Extensions has zero effect.

Then I found out there is a little tool by default installed: Touche!
However, no matter what I configure as global gesture for 3 and 4 fingers, it has zero effect (I restarted session, laptop).

How is it suppose to work out of the box?

My end goal:
Have the current default gestures, but for 4 fingers.
Only so that I can configure 3 finger gestures for Firefox (prev, next page (left/right) and prev next tab (up/down)) and easily use the 4 finger default gestures even when Firefox is the window in focus.

Touchégg (Touché backend) does not support Wayland.

Ooh ok!
Thank you for clearing that up. Is there way to configure the default gestures, set it to 4 fingers?

Perhaps try the Gesture Improvements extension.

Yep, either as @Yochanan suggests or use libinput-gestures and ydotool to set 4-finger gestures in addition to stock 3-finger ones.
Gnome really needs a built-in UI to configure standard gestures I guess…

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