Перестала работать мышь

Manjaro KDE. Нормально работала беспроводная мышь. Перестала работать. Мышь рабочая - на другом ноуте работает. Порт рабочий - если подключить флешку - работает. Подскажите, что делать? Ядра 5.10 и 5.9 пробовал.

You did not say which device you have but the problem sounds like an issue the rpi4 has with usb drive attached and a wireless mouse. The solution would be to put a usb extension between the pi4 and the usb drive to move the usb drive further away from the pi4 to stop interference.

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My laptop is HP ProBook 6460b. Could you please tell me what I should do or tell me where I could read more information about this issue. Thank you for your quick answer.

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