Topic titles - Not allowed to begin with a lowercase character?


Seems the title of a topic always has to start with an uppercase character?
Just tried to edit the title of an existing topic, but it won’t change to lowercase…


Is automagically changed to:

Not sure if that is a wanted behavior or not…


Hello and welcome back,

I think this will somehow lead people to be more careful with the titles and give the forum a more unified look. I wouldn’t mind either way to be changed or be kept as is, and even encourage people to use as shorter titles possible, more concise, so would be seen on mobile devices with smaller resolution too. :slight_smile:


In my opinion this is good behavior. Titles and sentences should start with capital letter :slight_smile:


I agree, in most cases it makes sense indeed.

There might be a couple of cases where it would be nice to have it lowercase (f.e. application names)


Looks like the forum is trying to teach people good grammar… it can stay! Now, if it can teach them to use the forum search before posting, write in coherent English, and give detailed logs up front, without them needing to be teased out like blood from a stone, that would be perfect. No? :laughing:

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