Topic requests... (dwm & fvwm)

As a person who uses both fvwm3 & dwm on manjaro, I’d appreciate either a catch-all for other window managers or one for suckless and fvwm.

I am certain I’m a minority (probably of one) in using these wms. :innocent:

Please note: I’m not a moderator, just an editor so I can be overruled if you would deem the following solution not good enough:

  • The dwm tag already existed (and only contains 4 topics)
  • The fvwm3 tag has just been created.

If both of those tags become popular enough, the mods might be more willing to create a specific topic for questions containing those.


That works just fine…

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what you say makes sence, even some categories we already have are not used, the forum had a clean up today because we had too many.

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Sorry for the thread-hijack but would that explain the raft of “edited” posts/threads in the notification list which appeared some time in the last 24 hours?

Most likely.

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