Topic deletion seems to be immediate instead of giving a 4h grace time to flag a deleted post

I’ve noticed that when I delete a topic, it gets deleted immediately instead of giving a 4h grace time allowing a post to be flagged before it’s actually removed from the system.

Why is this a problem you ask??

  • If a troll knows a person is on-line
  • They can post a really abusive comment
  • Before the person can flag a comment, (or even after they flag it), they can delete their post.

so please watch out for flags in the mod queue that refer to deleted pages, because I’ve been on the receiving end of such abusive flame posts in the past (on another system), so please re-instate the 4h grace time when you see flags that refer to deleted pages.


I thought that, normally, the post would only be deleted right away for TL3 and TL4 members. :thinking:

It’s just since a few days that the topic is deleted immediately but maybe it’s new functionality that once you’re a TL3/4 you don’t get the grace period any more

(I’ll create another test user and keep it around this time and see what happens with a low level rep user.)

After lunch! I’m cooking Sunday dinner now!

:grin: :shallow_pan_of_food:

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I thought that had always been the case for TL3 and TL4 members, but if you say that it has only been for a few days, then maybe it’s because of the Discourse upgrade that @philm installed. :man_shrugging:

You’re absolutely right: seems to be a new feature from discourse for TL3/4s as my TL0 test user still has the 4h grace period:

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