Topic closed that should of stayed open

@Chrysostomus made the comment that you guys trying to port over the old forum the search function got broken and shortly after that you guys decide to lock a thread that should of stayed open as a request thread for information from the old forum. Also it would be a good idea to link to the old forum on the main page

The question was asked and answered.
Theres no reason for it to stay open.
If you want to discuss another subject open another thread.


I stand by what I said.

There is a link in the footer of the page


We have to think a bit more about how long the solved topics should stay opened. The tendency seems that people want to discuss more even if clarifications got added to the conversation. We stand by what we say too :slight_smile:

Generally doing a search will bring up the old Forum too… Unfortunately - as the old URL is changed, they’re not linked properly. Will search engines start picking new URL’s as they scan some more?

“Topic closed that should have stayed open”


There is nothing wrong with the wording of my thread title.


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The conversation is going nowhere and is getting inflammatory.