Tools to measure (or estimate) power usage by devices & processes

Hi everybody, I have a persistent and annoying problem (Battery drain much higher after deep suspend (not after s2idle suspend) or hibernate) in a laptop that, other than that, works like a charm, and I was wondering if there is some tool, other than powertop, which detects (or estimates) what is using power in a laptop.

In my case, I say “other than powertop”, because powertop, when I resume from hibernation, shows a power usage that doubles while giving more or less the same stats for specific processes and devices. Is there anything else I could use?

Yeah, there’s powerstat but it uses the same kernel libraries as powertop, so it probably won’t help you any further in diagnosing your issue…

On the other claw, I forgot to mention last time if you tried upgrading your UEFI firmware yet?


I updated it recently.

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Regarding powerstat, it seems to me that it measures energy consumption, but it does not disaggregate by process or device.

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