Tool for system image?

I am really not sure if is a tool for system image what i want because i never did it that way.
I plan to install Manjaro on another laptop with all the apps and definitions (specially the context menus customization on Dolphin) that i have here, without going through the selective install/costumization process all over again.

Clonezilla will do what you want. Alternatively, Rescuzilla(GUI) is an option. qt-fsarchiver is another choice (Ubuntu based Live DVD).


Can I make image backup the running system by clonezilla?

I have never tried. I always use these as Live DVD via Ventoy. Clonezilla works fine for me, but I generally only image my home and system. I have had to chroot and restore grub when using this on occasion. Seldomly used here. I have images made with qt-fsarchiver and they imaged successfully, but I have not had a reason to restore lately. Messing with the system to test that out is not my idea of a fun day…


Unless both systems have:

  • No proprietary drivers (None, aucun, Gien enkel, ninguém, ни один!!!)
  • similar hardware (E.G Dell XPS 13 intel GPU → Dell XPS 15 intel GPU)

The following kind of Cold System Backup:

will not boot on another machine.

But you can still install a minimal bootable version of Manjaro on the new computer and then restore the parts that do not interfere in the boot process to the new computer.

:warning: You do need to know a lot about the UEFI / Linux boot process to know where and what to include/exclude.

  • I.E. if your fstab includes separate mounts for /, /boot, /opt, /usr/, /usr/local, /var and /home, you’re in pretty good shape…
  • If you don’t know what the above even means: reinstall and don’t restore your / but restore your /home only and do any customisations that would not have been carried over again…
  • If you don’t even have / and /home separated, you need a mighty amount of luck to pull that off. :sob:


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No, it must be done via the live USB. However, you can make system backups with TimeShift while the system is running. I’ve used both to restore systems with perfect results.

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