Too little or no spacing between some letters of some fonts in KDE

Some fonts in KDE plasma have too little or no spacing between some letters of some fonts (probably some Google noto fonts and Liberation fonts) as illustrated by the screenshot below of sample text of a PDF file that I was viewing online via Firefox:

Are you implying that this is a KDE issue? To me it looks more like an issue with the fonts itself. Can you check the same fonts with other DE, like gnome or XFCE?
By the way, which fonts exactly show the issue?


@mbod This is mostly a KDE issue. The liberation serif font, the metric compatible font for sans-serif (a google noto font probably) and probably some other fonts have this issue on KDE. In Deepin DE, the liberation serif font (libre writer default font) does not have this issue and other fonts that I have seen rendered on this DE does not have this issue. I cannot use gnome or xfce because they do not support fractional dpi scaling as well as qt based DEs like Deepin and KDE (via force font dpi).

Update: The font kerning (spacing between letters) only occurs on Manjaro KDE but on other distros like Kubuntu, Debian and Fedora the font kerning is normal

I like the KDE approach and find it easier to read, so it's really user comfort I guess. Different fonts offer different letter spacing by the way as per mbod's comment.

If it were a major problem the forums would be inundated with the same question. If you want a Qt based environment have you tried LXQt to see if that's any better for you with regards font rendering than KDE?

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