Too high RAM usage for tracker-miner-fs-3

What is tracker-miner-fs-3 process doing?

It starts with the system. Initially it uses relatively small amount of RAM and then it grows quickly, till it reaches 4,4 GB!!! Then it gets smaller, and settles down on 1,4GB. Mind you, I have 8GB of RAM total, so this is huge for me. During the time it grows, it uses 12% of CPU.

The whole process takes ca. 10 minutes or more.

I don’t think it’s normal. It takes too much time, it happens on every boot, and it uses a huge amount of RAM, slowing other processes. Even when it’s finished, it sits and takes over 1/8th of the entire RAM space, which has to have impact on the system’s performance.

I can kill the process manually and everything works just fine.

What is happening, how to fix it?

Its a file indexer from gnome… so unless you are running gnome a good question is why do you have it?

pacman -Qi tracker3-miners
pactree -r tracker3-miners
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No, I run KDE and have no idea what this is doing. Probably it hitchhiked with one of the packages at some time.

So, this is like baloo, but without tools to make any use of the data that is gathering… Great. How do I remove it? Which package is responsible for it?

As above:

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I think I found the culprit. It was natutilus’s dependency. Got rid of nautilus.


EDIT. Yeap, it’s gone after reboot. Good and riddance.

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