"Today I feel like manjaro is what arch should have been."

Once a linux user always a linux user. It’s like a black hole, one way journey :grin:

manja just plain ■■■■■■■ works, thats why folks are using it.

there is no return from the Immelmann-loop …

It’s sicker than that…

Today’s Quandary:

Gentoo Stage-3?
Calculate Linux?
Intel Clear Linux?

Go with sources-based & compile everything? Go with binary DE & compile sources everything else? Screw sources-based, & go with Intel-only (for now) Clear?

All the above entail stretching a CAT-5 cable across the room and irking the spouse–do I have to balls enough for that today?

Or stay with a ‘pristine’ Arch+Plasma5 and watch Netflix all day? :smiley:

Such is life in Linux Land.


A friendly community without trolls is another asset.


Damn cool :astonished:

Come off it we are all trolls that is how we manage to get on :smiling_imp:

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If this guy is a programmer yes, he can install Arch easily.
As I always say, FLOSS community is almost a geek community.
Learning coding (and every thing else actually) takes time and needs patience.
In addition I said easy, not stable.
Without enough knowledge using a difficult way is dangerous.

I think that later package releasing is one of the best things in Manjaro comparing with Arch. Arch users are often much more experienced and have more time and willingness to solve issues of rough software. Ordinary user does not need bleeding-edge software, and it’s strange to see that this perfect Arch-Manjaro chain now is broken.
I remember a story about great data loss on Arch with early 4.2 kernels (as I remember) and don’t want to catch something like this )

No Such with arch and 4.2 kernels here it was just 1 day then fixed only a few had problems but not on arch stable.

Not getting at you personally so don’t take it to heart
I’m not a geek just a old man Don’t know anything about coding so that really throws that out of the door.
you certainly don’t need any brains to install arch its all copy paste stuff anyway or print it off and don’t give the c### about no printer just go the the library/internet cafe.
Arch is simple yes simple to install you can’t say the same for Manjaro since they dropped the only installer that worked yes the CLI installer.

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You can always stay on older kernels on Manjaro as long as they are not EOL :wink:

True for most things, but Kernels, Mesa and llvm I want to have as soon as possible as every release improves performance :wink:

never used a CLI installer and never will :wink: Tried to set up Arch on my secondary testing system just because I wanted to give it a shot, but the installer made me stop (I like to do a lot of things in terminal, hell, I never used any of the graphical package managers, did all with yum, apt-get or pacman or whatever they are called, but a CLI installer is too much “back to the 80s” for me)

Interesting seeing arch does not have a installer CLI or GUI :grin:

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And that’s the thing. As @mandog previously stated, it is mostly cut-and-paste following the Arch Installation Guide. I don’t have a printer, but I do have a netbook, which is handy to have open to the guide. Unless there is a weird hardware problem, installation isn’t quite as boring as watching paint dry, but it beats compiling a sources-based system.

Occasionally a graphical Arch installer pops up, and Architect is among the best because it specifically follows the Wiki instructions. When @Chrysostomus finishes creating his Manjaro IS, based on the Architect AIS, it is going to be an exciting time.

With that script, Manjaro users will come to understand a bit more about what goes into making the DE or WM system of their choice. They are also going to experience a sense of a bit more freedom, being the ones who decide what goes into their system and what stays out. All by their choices.

We get a great sense of community around here. It is fun and exciting. :smiley:


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There will come a day when Arch’s existence depends on things like Manjaro and Antergos, much like Debian would have long perished had not the 'buntu crowd made them necessary.

I would say Arch, Gentoo and Slackware (to a lesser extent) have chosen a particularly difficult path to survival. Like selling full sized automobiles in kit boxes full of parts with Ikea-like directions.

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I can’t speak for Gentoo, and I’m pretty sure Slackware will out live you and me–I know a few Slackers! (crazy, militant anarchists)–but I think Arch & Debian will be with us for a long, long time. :slight_smile:


Sorry the wrong way around Manjaro Antergos depend on Arch please get it right.
Same with Ubuntu which is steadily in decline with its corporate ways as it draws closer to Ms selling its sole.
It was only ever the Debians experimental branch anyway now its LTS version are Debians testing branch for the next debian release.
Their are lots of users that try to turn their lack of experience into a positive by pointing the blame unto distros like Debian Slackware Arch when in fact they are the bench marks others try to follow look at the amount of Debian distros that have jumped ship from Ubuntu respins to Debian.
As for Arch not having a installer Arch does not have a problem with a installer but they don’t have anybody that wants to maintain its a user decision then again what do you want a GUI installer for when its simple as ABC. to install the arch way. As for Antergos its just Arch with a rubbish installer, working scripts giving full control V a GUI installer that dictates how you will install is a regression not a advance


Way to miss the point!

Go back and reread what I wrote.

No I did not miss the point you did
There would not be any Arch based Manjaro without Arch, Manjaro relies on Arch and will always rely while it leeches from the Arch repositories, when it if it gets to the stage its incompatible with arch it will become its own distro the way Chakra did then go into oblivion.
Its Arch that makes Manjaro what Manjaro is simple as that Even philM states without arch there would be no Manjaro
The same as Ubuntu which is not talking about Debian makes Ubuntu what it is. And for your info there are more Debian users than Ubuntu but they are busy using there computers to do work instead of bitching.