To warn "better" when it is about to turn shutdown (energy)

Is there a possibility that it will warn with a sound or that it will send the message that there is little left?

It puts a message without sound when the energy have still time, and generally I close it (the message), I forget and … it suddenly turns off.

so it did it’s job, you chose to ignore it.
have you checked the settings?
a pc is a dumb device, it just follows a program, it can’t predict what your going to do.

Just plug it in when you get the first warning. Problem solved!

Settings → Power management - increase the threshold for low battery warning.

i dont have that on “energy”. Some other place?

i want the notebook tell me this when for example i have 10%… the notebook tell me this with like 25%… so i always forget…

your not suppose to run your battery down to 10%, once a battery discharges to low it gets harder to bring back to full charge, on top of taking a lot longer.

25% is pretty standard for most devices, even my phone & tablet is set around there.

at 10% you may experience system corruption as it tries to work with the power it has, when it runs out & cuts off, you’ll defiantly get corruption if it’s in the middle of a write.

you need better habits or your going to find yourself with an unbootable device.

ouch, ok. Thanks.

While it’s probably not a good idea to discharge below 10% all the time, it should not cause issues like data corruption or so. I discharged several times down to 2%/3% and only then plugged in the power chord (or shut it down). Even under full load…

If that is causing issues with the system there is probably something wrong with the battery / BMS.

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I used to have a script for my wife as she would just run the machine dead. It would pop up at 15% and every minute again afterwards.

Just grep and awk for bat status then send to notifyd. Really simple if you’re looking to learn or already know some bash.

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