To install guest in Virtualbox

Hi, I followed the instructions given in
to install Virtual Box. I want to install Debian as guest. Preparations are done - A virtual machine is created, RAM and virtual disk is allocated. But - How can I install the guest OS? My expectation was that there is a button saying “insert now the disc with the guest OS” or “please choose ISO image with guest OS” – but I did not found something like this.

Ask yourself:
how would you go about installing a new OS on a real computer?
Would you need a CD drive or a USB drive - and a hard disk to install it on?

The ISO can be booted as a CD drive.
Both drives have to be present in the VM.
Don’t forget to remove the ISO from the CD once the installation is done - or change the boot order.


Please search befor asking

It was a simple mistake: I did not configured the CD drive for the VM. I understand now that I cannot simply use the physical CD drive of my PC, but I have to use “Manage Virtual Media | Optical Media” to configure a virtual CD drive related to the physical drive.
Thanks to linux-aarhus – from my point of view, the topic can be closed.

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