TLP upgrade to 1.2

There were a new release of TLP, Arch updated already, but in Manjaro I see only 1.1 version in all branches. Is there some problems, that you are not even testing it? Or just forgot? :slightly_smiling_face:

I need that package, they implemented Intel GPU control. And I don't know, is it safe to install it manualy? Why Manjaro devs skiped this release?

Thank you.

You can install the Arch package if you "need" it.

The Manjaro overlay package contains a number of customisations to the default configuration, making the default power saving less aggressive and so reducing the frequency of power-related issues. I have to look at the differences between TLP 1.1 and 1.2 to see whether the customisations are still needed or need to be altered to fit. That process takes time, and needs me to find free time to do it. Given TLP 1.1 isn't broken, it's a low priority for me.

So - if you're impatient you can install the Arch package.


Oh, I see. Thank you for an answer.

I've already installed tlp from Arch, after I wrote this post, and I can say it is working fine. By the way, I had to build tlpui from AUR, because original refused to work with new tlp. I don't know what about default settings, I never used them (I have to disable turbo and limit CPU and GPU frequencies a bit on my old laptop), so I can't compare them.

And one more question - I don't see thermald in Manjaro's repo. Is there something wrong with it? I rebuilt one from AUR and had to add config by the hand. Or maybe I should create another topic about it and CPU thermal situation. (in which forum section it would be better?)

It was dropped to the AUR from Arch, and so from Manjaro.

See "Spring cleanup" on Arch Linux: impact on Manjaro in the announcement wiki.


??? WHY ??? :hot_face: Why they trowed away the only app in linux world that works?

Oh... This is so... intel_pstate or powercap, or whatewer intel kernel modules do not always work right! On my computer somehow CPU speed raises waaay higher than it should be (2.9 instead 2.4 in turbo mode), and when GPU gets loaded CPU frequencies gets even higher, that causes almost immediate overheat and shutdown. None of this fancy kernel stuff cares about immediate temperature rises! On laptops with problems with cooling - thermald is the only thing that will make computer to slowdown to the snail speed, but computer won't shutdown and loose all your work! It's a safety belt! It CAN'T BE TROWED AWAY until better safety belt is found!!!

I'm sorry to shouting it here, it's not your fault... But Manjaro was always positioned as independent distribution. This news about throwing away packages because Arch did it - says it all.

Uh, no. That's not the case and has never been. Manjaro has always said it is based on Arch.

It seems, that tlp 1.2 is compatible - I did not change my config thats currently running and just installed 1.2 from the package - for curiousity reasosn.

Everything still working as it used to be

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Yes, config is compatible, new config with new features is saved to pacnew.

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Because the maintainer on Arch Linux didn't want to maintain it, and no one else wanted to take it.

It has never been an independent distro. The majority of packages are imported directly from Arch Stable without any modification whatsoever.

thermald, like many packages that were mentioned in this announcement, was a package that was directly imported from Arch. Therefore, if Arch removes it from its repos, it is removed from our repos too.

Merged the two now - on my generic old intel T450s its working without any problem. Even the bluetooth powersave enabled now does not constantly dissconnect my MX anywhere 2 any longer!

From my side - its a win!

Because the maintainer on Arch Linux didn't want to maintain it, and no one else wanted to take it.

Manjaro is developed independently from Arch, and by a completely different team.

I am to lazy to search another proofs

Thermald is mentioned everywhere, in any distro and in Arch's and in Manjaro's WIKI. And most important - here is no other program with similar functionality. it's a disaster.

I am sorry for overreacting, you guys are doing (mostly) a good job. But sometimes very bad decisions are made.

TLP is evolving, this is very good. But as soon it reaches perfection, someone will throw it away from distro's.

Yes, it is developed independently from Arch: Manjaro takes its own decisions and Arch takes its own decisions too. It doesn't make it a independent distribution, as not being based on anything else.

Like Ubuntu is based on Debian, but it is developed independently from Debian developers.

Well, it is a recent decision, and Manjaro wiki is not maintained a lot these days.

As for the Arch Wiki, it is already mentioned that thermald is now a package in AUR, not in official repos (see the little AUR).

If you really think that thermald should be in Manjaro official repositories, and you can justify its existence in the repos, you may try to file a package request here so someone in the Manjaro Team packages it. However, it is more likely to be refused by default, considering that maintaining a package is a big responsibility in long term and that Manjaro Team already has a lot of things to maintain.

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It isn't gone, it is just in AUR instead of the repos. You can still install it.


yay thermald

I am not a hardware specialist, nor linux software specialist. I don't know of the tendencies, may be there is coming something in new kernels, who knows. I wanted to start a new topic about adding thermald back in repositories, to figure out what is happening. But news about removing it "just because" made it useless. and " it is more likely to be refused by default" beay last crap out of me. I don't want nothing anymore. You guys can throw away steering wheel and safety belts out of car just because you think it is not needed... Good bye.

If you give up at the first disagreement then your argument for inclusion must be pretty weak. Otherwise, if there's something thermald does which means it should be in the repos please make your case in a #manjaro-development:package-request thread.

I did not really disagree (nor agree) with the inclusion, I just said that the demand is more likely to be rejected by default because maintaining a new package means more responsibilities for the team that already has a lot to do (which is, I repeat, what is said in the description of the category).

Well, that's the case. It got removed because the maintainer on Arch Linux didn't want to maintain it anymore and no one else on Arch Linux wanted to maintain it again. It affects us because most packages on Manjaro are actually imported from Arch and are 100% identical to the ones from Arch.

Manjaro Team can't just start to maintain everything that get dropped on Arch Linux side, even if the program dropped is good in itself. The rise of workload would be utterly unsustainable in long term. The team already many packages to maintain, and are barely able to keep up with upstream. Maintaining an additional package is not a decision they can just take lightly, especially if they want to do a good, proper work and not start neglecting the package in 3 months.

Well, sorry for being honest with you and saying what it is said in a category description?

See my second paragraph.

Good bye.


TLP 1.2.1 is now in unstable. There have been a number of upstream changes so any customisations to your /etc/default/tlp will need merging.

Please also feed back any power-related issues you come across which appear after this update.

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